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Ross Carrel
PO Box 1424
Oldsmar, FL

June 24, 2014
Re: Personal Invitation

Good Friend,

I’m not shy about the fact that I do things - a little differently - and insist on the finer details.  And like one of my favorite companies, Apple, it's clear that the ones who take chances - are the ones who stand apart.

For most people, that chance stares them right in the face and they never even see it or take the time to investigate what might be.  And even most people who read this very text will do the same thing.

That's OK.  I’m not talking to them - I’m talking to you.

I have a personal invitation for you, that you may or may not be interested in cashing in.

Whatever the case, I’m writing this letter to you on the off-chance that you’re the kind of person who’d appreciate unlimited, free access to all my premium software (existing and future), and training (existing and future), to be part of a success-driven community, and have a highly skilled team behind you in all of your endeavors.

Today marks the takeoff of a closed-door, tight-knit insiders’ community called the Hero Syndicate. And I am hereby cordially inviting you to be part of this group as a founding member.

And of course, with that distinction comes many, many benefits.

What can the Hero Syndicate do for you?

  • Firstly “Heros” as we refer to them, always have immediate, full and unlimited access to all of our premium software - and well in advance of anyone else.  Imagine instead of having had to invest in Hero Tower today, you already had full, unlimited access months ago – at no charge.

  • Second, Heros likewise always get full and unlimited access to all of our training, including all of the latest and hottest marketing strategies like Facebook and Teespring - but not only that.  Heros are also well versed in Amazon, affiliate marketing, product creation and launching, JV relationship building, and much more...

  • Third, Heros have access to a gated community of do’ers whom are there to push each other to succeed at the highest levels.  Imagine a place where no question goes unanswered and marketing knowledge bombs are dropped on a daily (or even hourly) basis...

  • Fourth, Heros get the things they want and need built for them without ever investing a dime of their own money.  

    You’d have a very talented development team behind you, taking your requests and making them happen.  Imagine having an idea for a software and then having it in your hands within weeks...

And all of this, is just the tip of the iceberg...

On the next page, I’m going to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision on whether joining the Hero Syndicate is right for you.

Whether you see it fit to join or not is entirely up to you.  But, I can tell you that the benefit of doing so will heavily outweigh the alternative.

You may have joined us today, even with reservations.  Perhaps wondering, does this really work as they say.  Maybe you’ve been repeatedly burned in the past by others.  If that's the case, I can understand your cynicism. 

Or maybe you’re just starting out and looking to really get into something that you can sink your teeth into.

Whatever your case, just know that we operate on a very different level.  We’ll give you everything you need to make it happen.

Thank you for joining us today and I hope you’ll seriously consider what I have to offer you on the next page.

Ross Carrel

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